"Love in its purest manifestation is the strongest of all human emotions and senses. It easily surpasses hatred, anger, revenge, all at once. It can easily trump all physical senses, heat, cold, pain, and pleasure. Nothing compares to love." ONE within...

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"The hope was a mirage, and the heart was the deer chasing it." ONE within...

"I had fought much worse and knew that I would have to fight this out too, but somehow, I couldn't fight off that girl from my mind." ONE within...

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"Every rising day was a victory, and every falling night a battle." ONE within...

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"Love, if it was, is a formidable opponent, and I was up against it, head-on." ONE within...

"Remorse turned anger is a dreadful force when coupled with steely resolve." ONE within...

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Bobby George

'ONE within...' is the debut novel by the author. He is an avid reader with an inherent penchant for writing. Multi-lingual by his sheer love for languages, he says:

"I do not write for a living or as a pastime. Neither do I write to be popular. I write for the sheer love of expression. I marvel at the linguistic ability in humans to express what they see, touch, experience, and perceive. It fascinates me when they assimilate it all and put it down in words to convey it to another human. In a million different ways. There is an infinite possibility of this ability to be unique, with the same sights, thoughts, feelings, and the same experience. It is overwhelming when people can relate to my thoughts in words. And how we become one at that moment. It is a craft that I keep honing, and I would all my life." Bobby George.

As a bibliophile, he believes 'Reading is the first step towards writing. '

His second Novel, and a collection of Short Stories soon to follow.

"I looked up at the sky and it assured that the light on the horizon was not very far away." ONE within...

"Death must be so beautiful. To have no yesterday, no tomorrow, erased past, erased future, only peace... eternal peace." ONE within...

A Novel - 'ONE within...'

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"I thought the more pain I endured, the sooner I would be set free from her tormenting memories." ONE within...

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  • "Author Bobby George takes the readers on a roller coaster trip of several emotions and incidents in life that question the existence of true love. Trust and faith are the most sought out values that act as pillars in any relationship. What will happen if the basic foundation gets creaks is the gist of the story."

    Swapna Peri

    Books Review Cafe

  • "He has presented a quality production to the readers. They will love this book for sure."

    Akhila Saroha

    The Literature Today

  • " ONE within... is a promising book for most readers. It reinforces the idea of life not being a bed of roses. Literature should bear the essence of realities of life so that the readers can learn something from it. George’s work meets that criteria effortlessly."

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"She was everywhere I went. In every moment, I lived. In every breath I took."ONE within...

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"It had the pain of the dying day and the crimson gloom of the sinking sun." ONE within...